We provide a comprehensive email tracking solution which allows you to keep track of mails that are sent or received in your domain name. No matter how far your branches or employees are... you can keep track all the mails that sent or received through any standard mail client such as outlook etc.

In the world of cut throat competition, it is essential to safe guard and keep of communications that different personnel in an organisation make with outside world. Not alone security, issues such as mail loss, improper documentation, communication proof etc requires such a software.

Traditional tracking facilities are LAN based. That is, a software is installed in the local area network and that takes care of mail monitoring. This system has the following disadvantages;

1. If the company has multiple branches, then each branch needs software to be installed.
2. As the number of systems increase, the expense also increases as the software license is based on number of users.
3. Each branch requires a system admin to maintain and monitor the software.
4. There is a possibility that the system admin at the branch might abuse this system.

Our tracking system monitors and tracks all the emails at the Server side. This has the following advantages;

1.No need for a local software
2. No need for licenses upgrade if the number of users increase as the software is charged on per domain basis.
3. No need for system admin.
4. There no way that a system admin or an employee could abuse the system.
5. Since the tracking and shadow copying is done at the server level, the bandwidth consumption is low when compared to LAN based servers.


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